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Daily Gram
Daily Cartridges 
Mota Sour Cubes THC/CBD
Mota Balm

November 24 2019

Purple Space Cookies AAA
Sophisticated Lady AAA
Blueberry Lambsbread AAA
King Tut AAA
Tutankhamon AAA

Island Extracts Live Resin
UK Cheese
Chocolate OG
Royal Cookies
Pink Tar Kush
Lemon Sour Diesel

Island Extracts White Widow Crumble

November 20 2019

High Voltage Extracts Live Resin
High Voltage Extracts Sauce
High Voltage Extracts Cartridges 

November 15 2019

Daily CBD back in stock
Daily Vape Cartridges
Real Heal CBD Tinctures and Topicals

Animal Cookies AAA
Black Diamond AAA
Duke Nukem AAA
Emerald Jack AAA (new)
Gorilla Dosha AAA (new)
Great White Shark AAA (new)
Headbanger (AAA) (new)
Heisenberg Kush (AAA) (new)
Legend OG (AAA) (new)
Master Yoda (AA)
Mouse and Lobsta (AAA) (new)
Phat Girl (AAA) (new)
Platinum OG (AA)
Rockstar Tuna (AA)
Silver Back (AAA) (new)
Sin Valley OG (AAA) (new)
Ultimate Purple (AAA) (new)
Ultra Orange (AAA) (new)

November 14 2019

House Shatter AAA+ LSD Strain
Wizard Weed – Shark Breath Shatter 1Gram
Wizard Weed – Yeti Rock Premium Shatter 1Gram
Wizard Weed – Rockstar Shatter 1Gram
Wizard Weed – Kush Mint Shatter 1Gram
Wizard Weed – Silly Putty Kief 1Gram – 70% THC
Wizard Weed – Machine Made Kief 1Gram – 50% THC

Viridesco – UK Cheese/Agent Orange Cherry Oil Blend – 3050MG THC – 5ML
Viridesco – UK Cheese/Agent Orange Cherry Oil Blend – 1220MG THC – 2ML
Viridesco – Pink Gorilla Punch Oil – RSO – 1398MG – 2ML
Viridesco – Pink Gorilla Punch Oil – RSO – 3495MG – 5ML

Viridesco Live Risen – Sweet skunk, Strawberry Cough, Cotton Candy Kush, Alien OG, Alien Cookies, White Fire

Dose Edibles restocked

Black Domina AAA
Black Ice AAA
Fucking Incredible AAA
Grease Monkey AAA
Presidential OG AAA
Peyote Purple AAA
White Rhino AAA

Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA
Bruce Banner AAA
Hindu Purple Kush AA
Northern Lights AAA
Presidential OG AAA
Purple Kush AAA
Snow White AAA

Blue Champagne AA
Deathwalker OG AA
Fire Haze AA
Kish AA
Real McCoy AA

November 11 2019

  • SeC Gummies
    • fruit salad
    • starlits
    • rosebud
    • hidden gems
    • gemmies
  • Products By SEC – Lunar Alchemy Budder 1Gram
  • Twisted Extracts Caramelts 1:1 Sativa

November 7 2019

  • 420 Glue AA
  • Champagne Kush AA
  • Hindu Tahoe AA
  • Northern Kush AA
  • Platinum Jack AA
  • Skittlz AA