Ed N Bills – Sour Poppers 200MG


Ed n’ Bill’s Candy Co Edibles Candy Bags are deliciously infused with cannabis.

Soft, sweet and sour chewy goodness comes in a variety of 200 mg options boasting flavor & consistency, and value for your satisfaction.

Just like your favorite classic 5-cent candies from the candy aisle, these are dosed with THC. Be-careful, these gummy candies taste so good it’s hard to notice the 10 mg of active THC.

Each factory sealed bag consists of 20 pieces of candy (10 mg THC per piece) for a total of 200 mg THC .

Please note: Due to the summer heat, select customers have informed us that their edibles (i.e. candy, chocolates, etc…) comes partially melted during shipping. This is something we can’t control so please order at your own risk as we cannot reimburse for melted edibles.

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