Cannatek – Rock OG Co2 Extract Vape Cartridge 0.5 ML

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Prefilled Pyrex atomizer with pure CO2 cannabis extract. High quality ceramic coil delivers flavorful vapor on the go. Cannatek Dap-Pen contains absolute cannabis extract whereby
supercritical carbon dioxide fluid (SC-CO2) is used as an alternative to traditional solvent extraction.
SC-CO2 extraction produces tailor-made natural extracts in concentrated form, free from any residual solvents, contaminants, or artifacts. CO2 is a clean, safe, non- toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, and non-polluting solvent that is easily separable from the extract. SC-CO2 extraction also produces a cannabis extract that is especially high in terpenoid and flavonoid constituents; non-cannabinoid compounds that act as powerful therapeutic synergists as well as providing a reduced side effect for the psychoactivity of THC such as the reduction of anxiety and paranoia.

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